Creations Cabinetry honored with Emerging Business Award

Creations Cabinetry was honored with the Emerging Business Award from WomenVenture in 2016. Mpls St. Paul Magazine featured the winners:

“For Maelei Catt, designing a kitchen is like piecing together a beautiful, functional puzzle. After a 2009 layoff from designing kitchens and managing projects and production for a big-box store, she decided to start a business dedicated to offering more options in affordable cabinetry. ‘Lots of people were trying to buy or sell homes but couldn’t afford traditional remodeling expenses during uncertain times,’ Catt recalls. ‘I went into many homes where the ‘dream kitchen’ was to have cabinets that weren’t broken or coming off the wall.’

Armed with design and business expertise, Catt founded CREATIONS Cabinetry and set to work building affordable custom kitchens for her clientele, often assembling cabinetry at her dining room table. Demand rose so quickly that, at one point, Catt found herself turning away 25 percent of new business.

Catt credits WomenVenture as instrumental in boosting her company to the next level. It provided the business loan that gave her enough capital to open a store and hire employees, and it helped her set up an accounting system and select a payroll company to take care of employee payment and taxes. CREATIONS Cabinetry is on track to hit $1 million in revenue this year, more than double its revenue in 2015. She is proud of her company’s ability to fill a gap in the marketplace: ‘You don’t have to buy cabinets off the shelf and build them yourself if you are working with a really tight budget. We help customers navigate the different options and price points until they find something to meet their needs.’” - Mpls St. Paul Magazine